Print Advertising

  • Creating a corporate identity
  • Creating brochures and posters
  • Creating stands
  • Creating albums
  • Creating forms with hologram

Online Advertising

  • DVD audio and video production
  • Documentary production
  • TV show production
  • Create banners
  • Entries in printed and electronic form


  • Website design and portals
  • Construction of online stores (e-shops)
  • Internet & Mobile marketing
  • Social media & SEO

Event Planning Services

  • Organization of exhibitions
  • Organization of workshops and evenings
  • Organization of conferences
  • Events organisation


  • Creating a Marketing Plan
  • Media Planning
  • Conducting Market Research and Polls
  • Creating a Brand Name
  • Argo-loyalty Customer Reward System
  • TV and Radio Show
  • Electronic Portal Management

"ARGO" Publishing House

The publishing house “ARGO” has been active since 2014 in the publication of books of all kinds of high aesthetic and scientific level. The quality standards of the publications are ensured by the operation in the publishing house of a department of editing of all the scientific texts that are hosted in the publications.

The publishing house “ARGO” publishes textbooks and university textbooks of Greek professors of the country’s Universities, as well as Schools abroad, monographs, doctoral dissertations, smaller studies, collections, etc.

The publishing house “ARGO”, realizing the new directions of the publishing market, created its electronic bookstore where the interested party can find a complete bibliographic guide of the publications and a brief presentation of the most important of them, review their contents and proceed to the purchase.

Research & Innovation

Since 2018 the company has developed excellent cooperation relationships with University Institutions and Research Centers (CERTH, ITYE Diofantos, Demokritos, etc.), participating in research project partnerships and commercializing the resulting research results.