ARGO GENERAL ADVERTISING was founded in 2004 in Kozani with designing and implementing integrated advertising, communication, promotion and promotion programs supporting businesses, individuals and public and private sector organizations, being its main  activity.

By closely following the developments of modern communication nationally and internationally and having developed an extensive network of excellent and specialized partners, it has managed to establish itself in the field of advertising companies and to grow at an explosive pace.

The main innovation and differentiation of the company, in a very competitive environment, is the application of the unique system of measuring the final result of the actions, the actions and in general the solutions that it proposes and implements for its customers. The wide range of services it provides, the use of new technologies, the absolute specialization in each case and the combination of solutions by experienced executives ensure the maximum final result which is fully determined by many specific quantitative indicators. This leads to building trust and building long-term business relationships with the company’s customers, suppliers and executives.

In recent years, the company has made two more growth moves:

a) Established an organized general and thematic tourism office with the distinctive title V-travel ( and is now a very reliable and serious DMC partner in Greece for very demanding Tour Operators.

b) Developed excellent cooperation relations with University Institutions and Research Centers (CERTH, ITYE Diofantos, Demokritos, etc.), participating in research project partnerships and commercializing the resulting research results.


2004: Establishment of the company in Kozani

2009: Organization of web, mobile, internet, social media department

2014: Operation of the publishing house “ARGO”

2015: Establishment and operation of the organized tourism office V-travel

2018: Partnership with University Institutions and Research Centers

2020: Operation of argotv (youtube channel)